Message from the Chair, 2017


It is because of the immense talent in London that the not-for-profit Jack Richardson London Music Awards (JRLMA) exists. We are here to preserve the incredible talent of the past, celebrate the music makers of today and encourage a new generation of musicians to explore, play and ply their music craft right here in London.

Putting together a show of this calibre is hard work and extremely time consuming and this year we expanded the scope creating – Jack Richardson London Music Week. It’s the biggest celebration of London music ever. We continue to encourage young musicians with Jack’s Battle of the High School Bands and by awarding the JRLMA Ken Palmer Bursary; a scholarship for graduating London high school students. As we continue to honour and preserve our city’s music past on November 12th, 2016 we opened the Jack Richardson London Music Hall of Fame at 182 Dundas Street.

We started planning this year’s awards show last October and some thirty volunteers have brought their talents and dedication to the table because they too believe in the music community of the Forest City. All Steering Committee members donate their time, energy and talent but they do not get paid. We could never achieve such success without the people who have worked so tirelessly to bring you the 2016 Jack Richardson London Music Awards. I thank each and every one of you for your hard work! Thank you for believing in this project and the music makers that comprise London’s music community.

I would also like thank all of our generous partners and sponsors who have stepped forward to make the JRLMAs a reality. New this year is the support and guidance of the fine folks at DownTown London, the London Arts Council and London Arts Live and Tourism London. The JRLMA has also formed a strong relationship with Cory Crossman at the City of London Music Office.  Cory believes in what we are doing and has shown unwavering support. We have always been dedicated to ensuring that each performer receives a fee and you have helped to make that possible again in 2017.

From Guy Lombardo to Garth Hudson, from Tommy Hunter to Kittie from Marie Bottrell to Denise Pelley and all the great musicians in-between and throughout the decades; there is no doubt in my mind, Londoners make world class music. I salute you!

Kind regards,

MP Circelli
Chair, Jack Richardson London Music Awards

Mario Circelli

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