2018 FCLMA Board of Directors

Mario Circelli – Founder & Chair

James Stewart Reaney – Treasurer

G. Scott Bollert – Officer

Brain Mortimer – Officer

Rena O’Halloran – Officer

Past & Present Steering Committee Members

(In No Particular Order)

We invite those we missed (unintentionally) let us know & we will add your name.

Ian Gifford, Catherine McInnes, Johann Kinting, Garwood Wallace Jenny Nauta, Adam Debevc, Paul Breau, John Teeter, Marc Gammal, Meghan McCready, Lynn Dubuc, Matt Weston, Brendan Couture, Demetri Manuel, Alexandra Kane, Brady Parr, Jim McCormick, G. Scott Bollert, Alex Foster Roman, Andrew Purdy, Amanda Lynn Stubley, John B Young, Brandon Eedy, Brian McMillan, Brian Mortimer, Christine Paterson, Joseph Parry, Jacob Parry, Greg Hatchette, Ian Davies, Linda Wharton, Janis Wallace, Kevin Dunklee, Matt Farrant, Matt Grady, Tyler Hetherington, Melissa Parrott, Sarah Burke, Skye Sylvain, Simon Larochette, Fred Smith, James Tanney, Melissa Ogden, Greg Simpson, Michael Marucci, Darin Addison, Jenny Nauta, James Reaney, Adam Plante, Patrick Maloney, Andrea Dunn, Brad Gibb, Pierre Bussierre, Bianca Marcus, Josh Clark, Laruen Denualt, Matt Weston, Derek Leung, Cam Paton, Kathy Navackas, Kaarlo Koskiala, Steven Aziz, Janice Mills, Chris Parr, Steve Ward, Adam Dafoe, Edward Platero, Bob Breen, Brian Lambert, Christian Lewis, Marty Ryersee, Don DiCarlo, Aaron Murray, Glenn Waugh, Tommy Alcatraz, Silence Genti, Michael DeeVee, Steve Kopp, Barb Whitney, Gina Farrugia, Kate Milner, Andrew Petrasiunas, Tara Scott, Sarah Smith, Jody Stockfish, Dave O’Halloran, Rene O’Halloran, Dan Brodbeck, Kelly Ziegner, Sylvia Polzeg, Howie Kittelson, Vera Kittelson, Joel Jacobs, Aaron McMillan, Richard Gracious, Ryan McNevin, James O’Rourke, Bob Klanac, JW Huff, Carolyn Mitchell, Jeff Blake, Juliana Kopp, Destiny Q, Scott Hill, Demetri Manuel, Shannon Murray, Vicoria Lee-Hudson Morse, Lucy Gravelle, Janice Drysdale, Will Haas, Maddox Bourdeau, Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Willie Loman, Stephen Harding, Ryan Spence, Colin Stewart, LaDel Sanders, Brian Lambert, Jeffy B, Grant Stein, Kate Young (MP), John M. Sharpe, Paul Sharpe


Created & maintained by Melissa “MO” Ogden & Silence Genti

Board Chair Bios

Mario Circelli:

Mario is a musician, broadcast journalist, documentary filmmaker and communications expert. His music study began in elementary school. He began playing in bands in high school and continued throughout university and college before switching to behind the scenes work as an audio engineer and producer. He has produced and/or engineered over 35 records and compilation albums.

Circelli worked in radio and television for nearly 18 years before moving into the communication industry as a government outreach specialist.  His documentary credits include, “Stinkin’ Out The Joint” the story of London Ontario’s Punk Rock music scene, “In Our Own Words” which chronicled Italian immigration to south-western Ontario and work for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and several student films. Mario also operates a private consultancy focused on marketing, communications, media and event management.