The not-for-profit Forest City Music Awards (FCLMA) exists as a regional music incubator to preserve the rich music history of our region, celebrate the music makers of today and encourage a new generation of musicians.

The FCLMA supports the careers of emerging and established musicians in the region through:


  • Acting as a resource for those interested in the music industry
  • Promoting music education
  • Providing instructional seminars, workshops and other materials or programs on relevant topics
  • Facilitating mentorship opportunities
  • Increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the local music industry both past and present
  • Promoting interest in music amongst youth
  • To recognize the achievements of musicians and others in the local music community through Forest City London Music Awards, London Music Week (FCLMW) and other forms of recognition from time to time
  • To host events that bring together members of the local music community