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Response to COVID-19 – FCLMA/FCLMW Postponement

In response to COVID-19, and to ensure the health and safety of London music fans, staff, and volunteers, the London Music Awards and London Music Week 2020 are being postponed until the fall.

We have been following developments surrounding the Coronavirus and taking our lead from the Middlesex-London Health Unit Medical Officer of Health and CEO Dr. Chris Mackie and his team. We thank them for their expertise and advice as this situation continues to evolve. We respect his recommendations and hope that everyone remains healthy and safe.


The FCLMA Board of Directors did not take this decision lightly as our volunteers and local music champions work incredibly hard to organize a music celebration of this magnitude. And we are proud of being Canada’s only city-centric music week #FCLMW. We also know what our event has come to mean to the music community and its importance to our community and the surrounding area.

Please keep in mind that while we all work through this difficult period, voting for your favourite performers in the various categories will continue online at https://fclma.ca/ until March 31st, 2020 as planned and the deadline will remain.

Upon completion of the voting process (March 31, 2020), the winners will remain sealed and held by MNP Chartered Professional Accountants and will not be announced until the rescheduled award(s) ceremonies.
Please vote for your favourites and plan to join us as when we celebrate our successes together.
Juried categories: Submissions for Producer/Engineer of the Year and Music Video of the Year continue to be accepted at https://fclma.ca/ until March 31st.
Because we understand how disruptive and painful this situation will be to our music community FCLMA will honour dozens of artist agreements that have been extended for #FCLMW2020 or the #FCLMA2020.

Those arrangements for FCLMA London Live and our FCLMA Women of London Music performers will be paid 50% of performance fees immediately should artists require with the balance being paid when we celebrate in the fall. To request funds please e-mail chair@fclma.ca
We understand this is a small gesture but we are determined to remain true to our pillars of Preserving – Celebrating – Encouraging – Supporting our music community. The FCLMA stands with the local music community.
It is imperative that we keep the music alive and our musician’s working, not only at this time but also year-round.
The Forest City London Music Awards maintains committed to encouraging young musicians in high school to pursue a post-secondary education in music. We will award two (2) cash bursaries of $1000.00 each to worthy applicants for the 2020 awards cycle. The deadline remains the same and information is available at: https://fclma.ca/bursary/
We are also adjusting the announcement of the 2020 Forest City London Music Awards inductees to the London Music Hall of Fame and announcing this years Lifetime Achievement recipients.
Please join us on April 8th at 7pm for a Facebook live watch party and celebrate our Hall of Fame Inductees and lifetime achievement recipients with us.
We are proud to be Canada’s only city-centric music hall of fame and honoured to preserve our city’s rich music history.
This is an unfortunate time for live music, but we know we are taking prudent steps to keep people safe. During this period of “social distancing” please continue supporting these artists by buying their music, and visiting and “liking” their social channels. We also encourage you to continue to support our music community be supporting efforts by artists such as Sarah Smith

who is working hard to fundraise for our music friends in need. There are other musicians and fans also planning/doing this type of support.

Let’s band together, create fund raising events and use social media to support and connect our music community during these days of social distancing.
Mental health remains a focus and is important to reach out to people by social media, cellphones and other means to ensure everyone will make it through these trying times.
FCLMA launched #Musicians4MentalHealth several years ago and now more than ever we must ensure everyone’s mental and physical health and well-being is paramount.
It is our promise that the rescheduled Awards Show Galas and performances will be the time to regroup and celebrate our resiliency as a music community and showcase the acclaimed talent in the Forest City.

We thank all of sponsors, supporters and friends for 18 great years!


Latest: FCLMA’s London Music Week 2020 postponed until the fall. New dates to be announced later with scores of paid performers and free events.

Gig details: More than 25 London acts who had London Music Week gig fees set to be paid 50 per cent of fee now, rest at gig.

Voting: Record-setting online voting continues in more than 20 categories at FCLMA.ca until March 31. Results confidential with winners announced during London Music Week.

Juried categories: Submissions for Producer/Engineer of the Year and Music Video of the Year continue to be accepted at FCLMA.ca.

London Music Hall of Fame: 182 Dundas Street is closed as part of our overall response to COVID-19.

London Music Hall of Fame Founders:

Unifor Canada https://www.unifor.org/

Budweiser Gardens https://www.budweisergardens.com/

Turner Drug Store http://www.turnerdrugs.com/

London Music Hall, Mike & Vicki Manuel and the Manuel Family http://londonmusichall.com/

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Response to COVID-19 – FCLMA/FCLMW Postponement