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LMA 2018 Invites Media & Public To London Music Week

The London Music Awards has a score and more of events lined up for London Music Week April 8-15.Show/Hide

The official opening show is the jazz & classical awards gala on Sunday

April 8 at 7 p.m. More awards and London Music Hall Of Fame inductions take centre stage at the closing gala at the London Music Hall on April 15 at 7 p.m.

But the first sounds of LMW 2018 are heard on the afternoon of Friday April 6 at the Hall Of Fame. The Hall celebrates the big week with extra days open and extended hours. The public and media is invited to join in.

Spicing Friday’s open Hall is a live broadcast by CHRW 94.9 Radio Western’s DJ Mediafrenzy (2 p.m.) and Dave (whatwave) O’Halloran (4 p.m.) from the adjoining Rosewood Lounge.

“Playing a whole set of local tunes, DJ Mediafrenzy invites you to come by, visit the music museum (Hall Of Fame), chat about bands and celebrate the amazing local music talent in this city,” the DJ (Melissa Parrott off-stage) says on her Facebook page.

DJ Mediafrenzy

“Directly after, Radio What Wave (helmed by FCLMA steering committee member O’Halloran) takes over for another two hours of local goodness.”

The weekend launch for LMW 2018 continues on Saturday at the Hall in the afternoon and at the Eastside Bar & Grill when JRLMA award-winners Full Petty Fever have a night-time gig.

Then, the Aeolian Hall gala marks the official opening of LMW 2018. The Eagle Flight Singers. Pride Men’s Chorus, Laurraine Sigouin and Chad Louwerse share the stage. The Aeolian’s executive and artistic director Clark Bryan and its jazz programming curator Bryan Gloyd are co-hosts. The gala is free with admission via an EventBrite “ticket.”

LMA 2018 Invites Media & Public To London Music Week